Written Translations

Certified Translations

Each certified translation bears the seal of a sworn translator and is registered in the Repertory, which the translator is obliged to keep.

A certified translation also includes descriptions of essential elements of the source text, e.g. seals, stamps, signatures, logos, etc.

If you wish to order a certified translation, you may deliver your documents in person to our office or send them as scans.

The form of the document delivered for translation must be described in the mandatory formal certification contained in the final translation.

For its validity, a completed and certified translation is always in paper form or signed with a qualified signature of the sworn translator.

A scan of a stamped document does not have the legal force of a certified translation!

I actively promote the use of electronic signatures for certified translations.

Uncertified translations

Uncertified translations do not require certification by a sworn translator or mandatory descriptions required for certified documents.

However, they are performed with the same care.

I translate legal, business, technical and other documents.

A standard page of a uncertified translation is 1,800 characters including spaces.