Sworn Translator and Interpreterof English and French based in Warsaw, Poland

Over 7,000,000 words translated since 2001

About our services


Certified and uncertified translations (court papers, notarial deeds, powers of attorney, agreements, financial statements, excerpts and copies from registers, civil status records, certificates, diplomas and any other documents)


  • Certified translations (performed by a sworn translator)

  • Interpretation in court, public authority offices, during negotiations, at a notary’s office, etc.

Electronic signature

The certified translations we offer can be signed with a qualified electronic signature, which allows us to effectively execute your orders remotely.

What makes us different


We have been in the translation business for over 20 years and have already translated several million words. We work with law firms, notary offices, companies, businesses and institutional clients.

Quality control procedures

In our daily work, we use state-of-the-art technologies that enable us to ensure the consistency of translated text and terminology used across tasks performed for the same client.

Data confidentiality

We follow strict procedures for the protection of our clients’ data; our data carriers are encrypted and we use additional confidentiality and data protection measures as individually agreed with the client.

Specification of work

Types of documents

  • Legal translations: pleadings, court rulings, agreements, contracts. memoranda, notarial deeds, powers of attorney, corporate documents, copies, extracts from registers, etc.

  • Business translations: financial statements, reports, due diligence, formal correspondence, etc.

  • Specialist translations: academic, technical and medical texts.

Basis for pricing

  • Certified translations

    A standard page of a certified translation consists of 1,125 characters including spaces.

  • Uncertified translations

    A standard page of an uncertified translation consists of 1,800 characters including spaces.

  • Interpretation

    Minimum completion time: 2 hours

Completion time

  • Standard mode

    up to 8 standard pages by the next working day till 16:00

  • Express mode

    up to 8 standard pages by the next working day till 08:00

  • Super Express Mode

    As soon as possible as agreed with the client

Translation standards

Act on the Profession of Sworn Translator

Code of the Sworn Translator

Principle of Confidentiality

Quality Assurance

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